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Objectives & Code of Conduct

1. The Bowls Super Challenge (BSC) is an innovative and unique competition set up to provide invited participating Clubs a higher level of competition which previously had not been available.

2. As an innovative event, participating Clubs are on display for not only the Region but also for the rest of the State and other States to see and to follow and as such, a certain standard of conduct shall be set and adhered to at all times.

3. Participating Clubs must abide by the laws of the game and the rules formulated for the BSC. The rules of the BSC have purposely been kept concise and simple for ease of interpretation. Participating Clubs should not endeavour to complicate what is not complicated.

4. Participating Clubs should avoid conflict at all costs. The BSC would encourage players to see the other player's point of view and work through differences of opinion with reference to the Disputes Committee as a last possible option. The Controlling Body of the BSC shall be the only and final Arbiter on matters in dispute.

5. Participating Clubs shall be positive towards the competition as negativity breeds negativity.

6. Participating Clubs are expected to select not only the best players available but also those who are and who will be worthy ambassadors and promoters of this unique competition.

7. Participating Clubs are to promote the competition as a higher level of competition throughout their respective districts and wherever possible throughout the State. The BSC is expected to grow in the ensuing years to one of the States major competitions.

8. The BSC will not tolerate unsavory, abusive, unruly, or any improper conduct nor will it tolerate any foul language or alcohol abuse or any other conduct which will detract in an way from the success of the competition. Any intoxicated player shall not be allowed to compete and any player becoming intoxicated during the competition shall be replaced and not permitted to play again in the competition in the same year.

9. The BSC acknowledges the support of the many sponsors who have made this competition possible.

10. The BSC further acknowledges that sponsors expect a return on their investment and value for their sponsorship dollars. Participating Clubs must recognize and acknowledge the sponsor's role in the long-term success of the competition and must use and promote the sponsor's product wherever possible. (Refer also Condition of Play 12)